Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Garden Zinnia - Lin Frye

Garden Zinnia
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This lone zinnia graces my garden in fall dress and this week has been encouraged by daily rain showers. I wanted a loose look and so splashed and splattered the majority of it and used negative painting to give the petals a bit more form.

I like zinnias, and this year the Arboretum grew a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and forms. I don't have very many in my own garden, but I'm hoping that the few that I have planted, will drop their seeds for next year's blooming.

Speaking of gardens, so many of my plants are shedding their petals now and turning the browns and sepias of autumn. I love this season as much as I love the colorful spring. This season, though, shows a bit more of the 'architecture' of plants --- trees, shrubs, the pods and seedheads of so many annuals and perennials, and the ornamental and wild grasses have their time on stage. A beautiful view - special for the season.

Have a super day!

Lin Frye
North Carolina

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  1. I love the freedom and dance like qualities of this piece, Lin!


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