Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer and Insects

summer wasps

They just seem to go together. Here, a paper wasp has chosen a clever place for nest-building, in my terracotta birdfeeder. It's not really big enough or practical enough for a feeder, but it works great for raising wasplets...

Wasps are such opportunists, they'll always find a good place to build--another one has populated the bamboo wind chime nearby...


  1. A lovely gratitude moment in your beautiful page Cathy - it's wonderful to see wasps colonise every available spot - I had them move into an abandoned bird house and only found out when I removed the little roof to see what was going on inside! Except they were the red, nasty little wasps and I had to run for my life!

  2. I am TERRIFIED of wasps! Eak! But, I must say I adore this little painting! It is just the sort of thing I love to look at :o)

  3. These are fairly disinterested in us; I just ignore them, mostly, and they do likewise. Sandra, my dad shared that terror! He'd jump out of a moving car to get away from a wasp, I swear!

  4. Beautiful page, Kate! I've come to accept wasps on a case by case basis. You're right - they do ignore you if you ignore them. Their building abilities are amazing and they go with the attitude that the world is theirs :)


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