Saturday, July 24, 2010

morning walk and a snitched pear

I suppose this may count as sketching in nature, even though I added the pear (and watercolor) after I came home.

As I stood on the sidewalk sketching this flower shop-turned-house, the sweetest little tortoise-shell cat came to greet me, then sit and watch. But when another early morning walker came by, she was up and chasing after him.

I don't understand why the owners of the two huge pear trees one block from this house just let the pears rot on the tree every year. They own a local health food store; one would think they would value fruit fresh off the tree. Neighborhood kids use the pears for ammunition . . . even when they get soft.


  1. I am amazed how many people do that, let the fruit rot. Rather it could be shared to help feed others in the neighborhood. . One year I saw an old fella under a bountiful crab-apple tree and asked if he minded if I pick some. Well the old lady came out yelling at him that he better not be giving apples away. We were willing to help them pick what they needed as well as us, but weeks later it was sad to see the apples bountifully rotting upon the ground.
    What ever happened to the days where neighbors shared their excess fruit and garden goods with each other?

  2. I'm afraid our copious mulberries mostly went to waste...I meant to freeze some, but life gets nuts, from time to time. One delivery guy told me he'd be making wine from them! Wish he'd had time to take some...

    And Vicky, I think it still counts, yes, and it's lovely besides.

  3. Such a waste! I don't get it.

    And oh, how I miss the taste of mulberries! The sweetest I've ever tasted was from a rogue shoot growing up from the foundation of this building when we first thought of buying it. Too bad it had to be removed to keep the foundation sound.

  4. Great page, Vicky. Love your interaction with the kitty and that you chose to sketch a scene from your walk.

  5. Thanks, Pam! I wish I could have scooped up that kitty to bring home to my Bearcat.


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