Friday, June 25, 2010

Pine (?) branch * Masha Kirikova

watercolour on HP paper, 21x21cm

I found this branch in the park of Agricultural University. A lot of different plants where brought from all over the world to grow there. That's why I'm not really sure what exact plant it could be (there was only one branch on the ground and unfortunately no cones).

It took several days to find time and paint it, while branch continued growing in a fridge. Green little needles at the ends became more juicy and got about new 8mm.

It was amazing to try coniferous plant painting. The most interesting part was to keep a hard hand making exact thickness of each needle. It was also fun to try painting a bark, so different in different parts of this plant.

I will definately try to find another parts of this plant and recognise it correctly one day. Hope it won't be hard, as far as it's got a special geometry of needle's bunches.


  1. Masha, it's beautiful, and so glad you've joined us! Welcome...

  2. Hi Masha!!!! I told you already but I'll tell you again: This is wonderful and it's difficult... so difficult. But you did such a great job. I love it ;)

  3. Masha, Welcome!! I'm so happy to see you and your ever so lovely work here :) Congrats!


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