Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Munsieville - Maree

Taking a drive along Robert Broom Drive a couple of weeks ago, I stopped the car because I realised that my tailgate was open. As I closed it, my eye caught the township of Munsieville on the horison, just visible through the over-hanging branches of the Black Wattle under which I had parked. I grabbed my small (5.5" x 7.5") Art Journal lying in the back of the car and quickly sketched the scene, deciding to include the tree almost obscuring the houses. I did most of the colour with my watercolour pencils, finishing it off when I got home.


  1. Wonderful, Maree! I love the depth of the tree. It feels huge :)

  2. Thank you Carol!

    Thanks Pam, the tree is quite big and about ready to fall over, I think!

  3. I like your spontaneity, and the happy feeling given by your painting. Carrying the watercolour pencils is a great idea. I must try that.

  4. Hi Andrew and thanks! Carrying the pencils is certainly very handy!


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