Saturday, June 5, 2010

Inspired by Spring Colors - Lin Frye

Inspired by Spring Colors
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Daily Practice

My front garden is finally filling in the bones of a beginning with the various flowers and seeds I have planted and sown over the last two years. It's becoming a riot of surprises - from knock-out roses, to daylilies, to purple cone flowers (they seem to REALLY like that part of the property!) to wave after wave of spider flower. Here and there a long buried petunia seed has taken hold and flowered in bright pinky purple; blanket flowers and rose campions - my own wee cottage garden!

I spent the majority of yesterday in the kitchen making jars upon jars of apricot preserves. The Prunus mumi trees on campus have finally made it through a spring without frost ruining their fruit, and after three years of lost blossoms, I was finally able to make 4 batches of sweet/tart preserves! YAHOO!

Today we're off to the Art Festival - fingers crossed for some sales (mercy, I need some paint! LOL) and some decent attendance. We're in for extremely high temps - in the mid 90sF ... so we're packing ice and lots of water ...

Hope your day is cool and fun!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Lovely, Lin, I envy your garden! Best of luck at the art show...

  2. Lin absolutely beautiful. Not only are the colors brilliant, but I love the simplicity of the composition. Loose, but in control. Simply wonderful.


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