Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brushtail possum - Alissa Duke

This is a brushtail possum that I drew (watercolour pencil) at the Australian Museum last Sunday. The museum has an excellent education room with stuffed animals you can pick up and take to a table to draw!
This possum was staged climbing down a branch, hence his position on the page. He is about the size of a cat . I have often seen possums in the bush when camping in National Parks, however they are quite common around most cities, climbing onto balconies and verandahs in the suburbs, or in the parks.
I had great trouble drawing this and I did not realise why until I scanned it and saw that I was trying to draw on pastel paper (gggrrr)


  1. Alissa, you get the most beautiful, soft-looking fur. Wonderful!

  2. What a fantastic museum, Alissa, and to be able to take an animal to sketch it. Good work too!


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