Sunday, June 6, 2010

Australian birds - Alissa Duke

Another day spent sketching at the Australian Museum. This time it was Australian birds.
The Long-billed Corella is a medium sized white cockatoo (to 38 cm) found in extreme south eastern Australia. They can become a pest to grain and crop trees and in some areas feral populations have established themselves.
The Gang Gang cocktoo is a parrot and is found in South Eastern Australia. Found in mountain, forests , woodland but also urban areas. It grows to 34 cm .
I have never either of these, but I have only lived in Sydney for a few years. I asked a few other Sydneysiders and they are familiar with both of these birds.


  1. wonderful as always, Alissa! I'd love to see a Corella.

  2. There's a lot of character to both of them, but I'm in love with the Corella...


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