Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Red-winged Blackbird Nuptials--Vickie Henderson

This Red-winged blackbird was singing and displaying his red shoulder patches to females in the grasses below him, hoping to attract a mate.  
On this early morning, these nuptial activities were so focused that the displaying males didn't even notice a group of birders who stopped to observe the festivities.  While displaying, the males flap their wings with shoulders forward, ruffle their feathers and make their shoulder patches and their bodies look enormous.  The females respond with companion vocals and feather fluffing.

Watercolor on 6 x 9" 75# tonal pastel paper (pale pumpkin).  To see the progression of this painting, visit "The Fun of Painting a Red-winged Blackbird" at my blog, Vickie Sketchbook.


  1. This is beautiful!! The background is as attractive as the bird!

  2. You've done this beautifully Vickie - you're so blessed to have witnessed this!

  3. A very beautiful painting and a great capture Well done


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