Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pencil Sketch - Carolyn Pappas

5-21-2010, Tree Branch Sketch

Lately, I've been making very simple sketches outside. Actually, I have been making simple sketches all around. I have gotten into a bad habit of making really detailed, frameable drawings in my sketchbooks. I am trying to get out of that habit because I want to start framing things now, and I don't want to tear apart sketchbooks to do so. Plus, I am finding that the extra sketching practice is paying off in my observational skills. This is a sketch I made of tree branches, leaving the parts covered by leaves white. I wish I knew what kinds of tree this is -- it is very tall and it towers over all the houses on my street, but in the fall there are tiny, annoying leaves all over the place.


  1. Great approach. I love the simple shading that only graphite can give. There's something very basic about this kind of sketching that has always drawn me.

  2. It's lovely, Carolyn, very simple and elegant. I agree with Vickie, wonderful approach!

  3. i agree im a 16 year old sketch artist and i spend my time outdoors and this is more lovely than anything ive ever seen the shade is amazing


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