Thursday, May 6, 2010

Inspired by Sunflowers - Lin Frye

Inspired by Sunflowers
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Daily Practice

I thought I'd splatter a bit - always fun after a stressful day -- and these sunflowers 'appeared' in the wet paint. We have several in bloom right now in the children's garden. They're early for the season, but since we planted them in the greenhouse, we were able to encourage their flowering in time for the plant sale several weeks ago. I'm hoping the fields that were planted in these beauties last year, will once again sport their bright faces.

It's meeting upon meeting today and harvesting more food for the hungry. Temps are high - just like the humidity -- and we are still in need of more rain ...I know my plants at home will be looking for me and the water hose!

Have a great day!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Really beautiful, loose flowers Lin! Our weather here in S.A. is now ready for Pansies, Lobelias and Violas - lovely blues to go with Winter!

  2. This is positively beautiful Lin! I am from NC too and there are plenty of wonderful things to capture here. I am confined to a camera as I lack your skills and while I enjoy that I wish I could do what you do! Thanks for sharing it. Do you have a website?

  3. Thanks so much Maree and Dorothy ... Dorothy -- I have a flickr and blog:

    Thank you for asking ...

    Maree -- it's already 90+ here in North Carolina ....HOT! Feels like summer already!

  4. These sunflowers are delightful. They are so fresh and cheery. The soft edges that you captured are fascinating!

  5. Love your splattering, they're beautiful.


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