Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Hanging Gardens of Babylon"

Garden, Fini

That's what my husband called our gutters when he noticed them...happily, that was AFTER I sketched them! I got a bit carried away--first I was taken by the sun on these tiny sprouts, then added the seeds, then had to play with the text and the larger maple sprout...

Journal page

As always, when I'm not absolutely sure of my ID, I go to my dozens of field guides, so I know these were slippery elm and silver maple seeds--not surprising since those two trees have turned my back garden into a jungle...

I pulled a muscle in my arm so typing much seems to really hurt--happily, painting doesn't!


  1. Kate, even a simple gutter you make stunningly beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Miss Lin, it WAS beautiful...

  3. I love this, Kate. The art and the reverence for what grows, no matter where it is. Sure hope your arm repairs itself rapidly.

  4. Love this Kate! The colors are yummy :) Healing thoughts are sent your way!


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