Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daisies and weeds and crab spiders - Maree

The Rose has but a Summer reign,
The daisy never dies.
Author: James Montgomery

My Shasta Daisies have now been over-taken by the weeds and I decided to do one last sketch before I trim them down for the winter. Come Spring, they will once again bloom in abundance, and be home to the white Crab Spider, which changes its colour depending on the colour of the flower it is sitting on.

Crab spiders are not active hunters. They make use of camouflage techniques and remain quite still until the prey arrives and then catch it. With a poisonous bite (not dangerous to humans) they kill their prey and suck it dry. Every season I love inspecting the daisies close-up, seeing how many I can find on a bush. I also refrain from watering the daisies with a hose pipe from the top in case I drown them!

A white crab spider on a daisy

Here's a crab spider in yellow form on a daisy

Here the crab spider is half green and half brown, blending perfectly with the flower it is sitting on

(Pics from Wikipedia)


  1. absolutly STUPENDOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I will be sad to see the last of your daisies; I have really enjoyed your paintings of them! This one is just lovely!

  3. Thank you Sandra, but it won't be long then they'll be back again.


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