Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Spring Art Parade--Vickie Henderson

Not exactly your Easter Parade, but these young Wild Turkeys are like works of art parading through my yard.  Each one of them uniquely decorated with expression and those curious skin enhancements.      
The last flock of turkeys that visited was composed of sub-adult males or jakes, all at different levels of maturity, giving them uniqueness both in skin enhancements, color and expression.       
They are definitely fun subjects to sketch!

For more views of this sketch page visit A Turkey Work of Art at my new blog, Vickie's Sketchbook.
You may also enjoy visiting Wild Turkeys--A Happy Ending at Vickie Henderson Art to read more about  how we nearly lost our wild turkeys and to see more images and sketches of these fun backyard visitors.  .


  1. I had no idea that wild turkeys were so CUTE. Such big, bright, alert eyes! I've only seen them from more of a distance...these are wonderful, Vickie.

  2. Wonderful paintings! The eyes make it! Such personality!

  3. Hi, Kate. I do think that's what makes them so compelling for me. Big, alert eyes. Put together with those funny expressions and they are irresistible.

    Thank you, Carol! I so agree!

  4. You captured them beautifully Vickie! Their eyes are beautiful, but I also love their beaks - and those tufts of hair, it's priceless!

  5. Wonderful turkeys! You did a great job.


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