Monday, April 5, 2010

Inspired by Dandelions - Lin Frye

Inspired by Dandelions
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Along with the multitude of flowers, flowering and budding trees and all manners of spring displays, come the inevitable 'uninvited' guests -- like these dandelions. They polka-dot roadsides and lawns and are such a bright, and I have to admit, pretty, contrast against the greening ground.

Yes, I do know their virtues - their leaves have more vitamins than most tablets created for that purpose, their roots make coffee, leaves are a bitter edible and a diuretic, and their flowers can be battered and deep fried for an 'artichoke' tasting treat. Bees and early spring insects love them, too ... but mercy, between their billions of seeds scattered by folklore and blown by children to 'tell the time,' and their roots, often called 'Earth Nails' in China since they seem to grow as long, these incredibly adapted plants (brought by colonists to the US and grown for their greens as a pot-herb), are so dang difficult to remove ....

Yep, it's spring alright!

Have a great week!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Beautiful sketch of the Dandelions Lin! I love them too! lol

  2. Oh, my, Lin, you captured the Dandy Lion brilliance! I can't wait until they flower in Colorado, which will probably be another month (at least). I absolutely LOVE to see them covering the yard surrounded by the field grasses--bright, frilly yellow clumps of Spring joy.

  3. Gorgeous sketch. It is so vibrant and full of watercolor magic!

  4. These are wonderful! I would love to know how you went about this. Is it watercolour? Very cleverly done. :o)


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