Thursday, April 8, 2010

Garden Snail Adventure

April 7, 2010 - Garden Snail Adventure

This little creature performed an 180 from being on her back to running away from me - all of this in about 2 minutes total - I added words after she ran away as I barely had time to draw next position - and I am used to drawing moving targets!

Click on the image to see details.


  1. Love this little story Nina! Lovely sketches as well! Who would have said she could move along so fast!

  2. Nina - this is great and your drawings really track him well. I also drew a snail once and was amazed at how much they move - they are never still when out of the shell and seem to know that you are watching them !

  3. What a quirky idea! Really fun to read! Great sketch - I would never have thought of doing this :0)

  4. Oh, loved this! I had no idea they were that fast!

  5. thank you all for tracking my snail with me! It was FAST! Next time I will be noting seconds too ;)


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