Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blue Mountains, Sydney - Alissa Duke

I spent a day in the Blue Mountains, a two hour train ride from Sydney. The air was crisp as autumn has just begun. The townships in the mountains are full of pines, acers etc , but the mountain ranges are all eucalypt. I have sketched here before and could have stayed all day. I experimented with pens and pencils, while listening to the busloads of tourists come and go.
The Echo Point lookout to see the Three Sisters rock formation is a very popular tourist destination.


  1. BEAUTIFUL sketches Alissa! We also have a landmark called 'The Three Sisters' in the Karoo (Northern Cape, South Africa) and although not as impressive as yours, denotes the entry point to the Northern Cape and Kimberley from Cape Town. With our coinciding seasons, we'll be cooling off all the hot posts here about spring and summer with our winter sketches coming up soon!

  2. Great work, Alissa
    I've been there and you've caught the spirit of the place perfectly in your sketches


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