Thursday, March 18, 2010

Water Dragon - Alissa Duke

Eastern Water Dragon (Physignathus lesueurii)
It is an impressive lizard that grows up to 20 cm with a strong long tail that grows 2.5 times the body length. Found all along the east coast of Australia, normally found around creeks, rivers or lakes. The water dragon is quite well known. Water Dragons are omnivorous eat both plant and animal matter. They generally feed on insects, frogs, yabbies, other aquatic organisms, fruits, berries and flowers .

They have great character !

Australian water dragons are extremely shy in the wild, but readily adapt to continual human presence in suburban parks and gardens. At any sign of danger they will dive into the water and either remain underwater or swim away .

Australian water dragons are prey to snakes, cats, dogs and foxes. Nestlings and smaller juvenile water dragons are vulnerable to predation by kookaburras, currawongs, butcherbirds and other carnivorous birds ]They are also prone to becoming road kill due to the attraction of warm bitumen and concrete for basking.

I used to see them regularly along the riverside walkway in Brisbane city or on the tennis courts, or around the pool at the apartment I lived in. I drew this from a photo that I was given. I dont think that Í have seen a water dragon in Sydney, even though I live by the water.


  1. Interesting facts and nice sketch!

  2. I love learning about your wildlife, Alissa.

  3. Thanks - I also learn a lot about Australian wildlife when I look for the facts to add this site


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