Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Very Blue Lungwort - Sigrid Frensen

It's spring. That means a lot of blue flowers in my garden right now. Scilla, Muscari, Hyacinth and also the first Pulmonaria or Lungwort. I have many different variaties in my garden of this lovely perennial but today I painted one of my favourites. Pulmonaria angustifolia. It has extremely blue flowers (although the buds have a rich magenta colour) and the leaves are green (not variegated like most Lungworts). It was a quick study and a small one but I loved to try and catch that electric blue colour.

Pulmonaria angustifolia

To get the right colour I used French Ultramarine, a bit of Violet and a little Paynes grey. To make the perfect colour for the shadow (in the blue) I mixed French Ultramarine with Cadmium Red. A wonderful mossy green I got by mixing Paynes Grey with Raw Umber. A really nice surprise that was :)


  1. It is a beautiful blue! Thanks for explaining what colors you used.

  2. I agree on both counts Sigrid!

  3. I think this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your tips on how you got the colors you did.

  4. Sigrid, that color is and yellow make a nice subtle green, too, so I guess the color choice you found shouldn't be TOO surprising. (Is, though, and thanks for sharing the information!)


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