Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Think Spring!

I find drawings like this fascinating.
Just pen to paper drawing lines.
Last night I woke to geese migrating in the middle of the night but in my sleepy stupor I thought at first it was a yipping sound coming from dogs or even coyotes which I have heard in the past. Then early this morning as Don was getting ready for work he heard them also informing me it was geese I was hearing. Duh me confusing yipping with honking.  LOL go ahead and laugh. But isn't it wonderful to know the birds and water fowl are on the move making their way north to Summer grounds. 
All the excitement of migration wants me to get the windows open wide and start cleaning.
Sketching this little baby out for a new piece I'll be starting soon.


  1. What terrific drawings, Toni! I love the exuberant combination of fonts, stamps, sketching...

  2. Thanks Kate. I love picking up these little stamps for a buck at the craft store. Make for fun elements.

  3. You do pen and ink very well!!!


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