Friday, March 12, 2010

More Rain - My Drive Home - Lin Frye

More Rain - My Drive Home
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The rain has us socked in ... and my normal 90 minute drive took over two hours in the darkness, fog and heavy downpours yesterday. This is the view I saw as I snaked my way north and before total darkness made it impossible to see anything but headlights.

The rain will continue for the next few days, and the warm weather will once again cool by next week.

Still, our volunteers yesterday planted 75 strawberries, some outdoors, some in hanging bags, some in pots and baskets, and next month they'll be able to transplant their greenhouse vegetables into the waiting raised beds. We'll begin working on garden bed design next week.

In the meantime, it'll be a day indoors, appointments with repair folks and chores.... Hope your day is sunny and bright!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. I agree-- beautiful! I love the way you find and paint beauty in any situation and then share it.

  2. Thank you both so much ... it truly was a miserable, slow ride home .... and the sky looks the same today!


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