Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gardens are nature, too!

Purists might object to garden sketches in such a forum as ours, but we ignore them. Don't we ? Quickly, before Kate can tell me not to, here are some recent sketches relating to my garden.My new garden: windmill palmMy new garden: phlomis & euphorbiaMy new garden: juniper and achilleaMy new garden: lorapetalum


  1. laureline,
    good illustrations...
    especially liked the top one...

  2. Ooooo, these are yummy! Love the markers you use.

  3. I love garden sketches too Laureline, and your palm sketch is absolutely STUNNING! Must've taken you forever! I've got a similar palm in my bathroom courtyard and every time I'm in the bath, looking at him, I want to sketch him, but have not managed to summon up the courage for all that detail! Lovely work!

  4. LOL! Not ABOUT to tell you not to...these are wonderful, and I spent yesterday afternoon sketching in my own garden, which will go up soon! The different colored inks are luscious...


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