Friday, March 5, 2010

Encounter of the Red kind

An encounter last week left me with a beautiful picture in my mind. Not more than 5 feet from my view through the window I was blessed with a good 10 minutes watching this lovely female cardinal as she viewed the landscape (and me) It was a lovely 10 minutes. I hope she decides to nest here.
Sandy R (Myfiddlestix)


  1. Sandy, great picture!!! I hope she nests there, too, and it prompts many more such excellent pictures!!!

  2. A beautiful painting, Sandy! I love the sparks of red against the more neutral colors!

  3. Oh, she's a beautiful Cardinal Sandy! Very much like our Crested Barbet in posture and build here in SA, I'm sure they're family!

  4. SO lovely...I really delight in cardinals, seldom get to see them so close!


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