Monday, March 22, 2010

Blossoms of Spring - Laura Gillis

Ah, Spring and finally a bit of time to sketch. The peach and apricot trees in my yard are loaded with these beautiful, fragrant blooms and just waiting for the bees to come and visit. Unfortunately, we got one more visit from Old Man Winter this weekend with cold, rain, wind and more snow. I don’t know if it was cold enough long enough to hurt the peach and apricot crop but I guess we will see.

I am also looking forward to the insects that will be visiting the trees... I am ready to get back into the bug journal!

Peach tree blooms. Ink & watercolor on handmade hemp paper in the Nature Journal.

Blooms on the apricot tree. Ink, gouache & watercolor on handmade hemp paper in the Nature Journal.


  1. This is lovely on the textured paper...looking forward to your bugs again, too.

  2. This is lovely - the flower is so simple and crisp against the paper

  3. I like the contrast between the paper and the softness of the flowers. Thanks for sharing your talents.


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