Friday, February 12, 2010

A new ringing session

A few days ago I went ringing in the North of Italy. Weather forecast gave below zero temperatures and there were two feet of snow on the ground. My tutor and I went to the town of Cuneo, located at the feet of the Marine Alps. In town there's a small reserve, a little oasis for local and migratory birds.
We set up our mist nets in various "strategic" places, and I sketched one of them. The net is behind the green tree, next to the birdfeeder. The dark tree hid somewhat the net, which stood up too much against the white snow. Birds going to the feeder or flying away from it got caught in the net. Amongst the more numerous tits and finches, we caught an Eurasian Nuthatch. The first I ever put a ring on!
A female, as you can see by her buff flanks. The male has reddish rust buff flanks and belly.

Barbara Bacci


  1. Burr. Getting birds out of a mist net in snowy weather sounds like cold fingers. I've helped with mists nets, but never in snowy weather.

    Your accompanying sketches are charming.

  2. You are right, Elva! I was so cold. But it was entirely worth it

  3. What a beautiful bird, Barbara! Amazing what you see at a bird-banding...

  4. The Nuthatch is beautiful Barbara - love the colours! And your sketch of the net is great. Lucky girl, going out and ringing!


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