Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My latest rescue

Here's my latest rescue, a white rock dove, Columba livia.
I understand that an age old tradition wants white rock pigeons to be released at weddings, as a symbol of peace and a long lasting relationship. Doves mate for life and raise their brood together. However, I thought that racing pigeons should be released at weddings, because they can fly back home. Something must be going wrong, as wildlife rescue centres get more and more distress calls, telling of white doves unable to take off after being released.
This one was picked up off the ground after the wedding was over. She does a lot of wing flapping, but barely lifts herself off the ground! Not much of a chance of her surviving in the wild. But, she makes a wonderful model and is a very elegant bird.


  1. I find it sad that people would use birds and animals as props in a misguided attempt at promoting an image of "love, bondage and ties". Thats as bad as people who release balloons which end up causing the death of birds and animals, including baby whales when they get lodged inside their intestines.

  2. She's gorgeous, Barbara, as is your drawing; elegant and graceful! It does seem a bad idea to use them like this.

  3. What a beautiful rendition of this dove. Bless you for stepping in!

  4. Beautiful bird. Beautiful painting!

  5. Beautiful sketch Barbara! And I agree whole-heartedly with Teresa - the the use of animals for any ceremonies is rather passé these days - one would think, with all the animal awareness, that an idea such as this would have been scrapped long ago.


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