Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More rain in Tarlton - Maree

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.”

We have had so much rain over the past 2 months, the ground is absolutely water-logged - pools of water remain on the lawn and dips in the ground for days - yesterday again 2 short down-pours left the rain gauge at 40mm, a daily figure for the past two months. I did this sketch just around the corner from us on the Oaktree road.

I did this sketch of a corner of my garden as we had a heavy down-pour in November last year.

The Vaal Dam forms the central storage reservoir for the Vaal River water supply system which supplies water to the industrial powerhouse of the whole country. It is currently 106% full and caused great devastation down-stream when they had to open the sluice gates to lower the dangerously high level of the dam. See pics and read more about this at my Nature Journal .


  1. Wonderfully loose and free. A real feeling of wet atmosphere. Wow, read about the dam and flooding........

  2. Thank you Pam - and they're expecting more flooding as the water level is still rising and they are going to have to open more sluice gates. Thanks for visiting my Nature Journal!


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