Saturday, February 6, 2010

Magpie and Koala - Alissa Duke

It has been pouring rain over the past week in Sydney, so my Nature sketching has been indoors. The first drawing is of a magpie and was drawn from a photograph.

Yesterday I met Liz (Borromini Bear) and Wendy (Quirkyartist) at the Australian Museum for a day of sketching. There are taxidermied animals and birds in the Search and Discover Room that you can pick up and take to a table.

The subject I chose was a koala. The koala is an Australian icon. I have rarely seen them in the bush as they are always high up in a eucalptus tree and don't move much at all. The Museum was very busy (due to the rain) and the three of us drawing the animals attracted a bit on attention from the museum visitors.


  1. Great pages, Alissa! Wonderful job on the glass with the definitely cheeky corvidae :)

  2. Beautiful sketches! Wow - the museum sounds like a wonderful resource.

  3. The magpie sketch is wonderfully done! And what a great museum that must be...


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