Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring... Maree

“God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.”

Watercolour in Moleskine Folio Sketch-book 8" x 5"

Well, it's been raining, and it's been pouring (and I'm sure the old man has been snoring!) and every day my rain gauge is between 30mm and 70mm - when the sun comes out, the heat and humidity is similar to that of the coast! But I'm not complaining, when you live on a smallholding, every drop (and the rest!) is valuable as it replenishes the ground water and ensures the health of our boreholes - nothing worse than a smallholding whose borehole has dried up and one has no water! (Read about the trials and tribulations of living on a smallholding in my NATURE JOURNAL.

As I was sketching this from my hubby's Landrover, the rain started pouring down harder and as it did, I seemed to be putting more and more water on my brush, going with the feeling of the down-pour outside. I had decided to go with hubby to a nearby farm where he had to do a quote for a tractor repair and we went with his short-wheel base Landrover County 90 - you know, the simple Landrovers with a huge long, open space for a cubbyhole, stretching the width of the vehicle? Ideal for putting your bottle of water and any other sketching paraphernalia, no fancy dashboard or leather seating to get mucked up by water and paints like my Freelander 2 - I don't like driving the County, it's a really rough brute, but I'm really getting more of an appreciation of it as an ideal outside studio!


  1. I like the feel of that, Maree. The more it rained, the more the urge to juice-up the painting. Fun sketch and great opportunity for a different experience.

  2. the cool of rain is transmitting...
    simple and fantastic technique...
    keep on painting and blogging...

  3. I love the coors in here Maree and definitely get the feeling of rain.

  4. Thank you Vickie. I was getting so carried away with the water I thought the paper was going to melt!

  5. Thank you Jy - will certainly do both!

  6. Thanks Teri - and lots of rain it was!

  7. Love the palette here, and the softness of these washes


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