Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hungry Deer

It's been snowing for over 2 days here in Western Colorado, and the snow is over a foot deep in our yard. The trees are loaded with snow and all the creatures are looking hard for food. This morning, 3 mule deer paw and nibble through the snow to find some woody foliage, as I sit watching them through my window above my drawing table. The snow is up to their bellies near the irrigation ditch that runs through the back of our yard. They catch a motion from me through the window, stare intently, then slowly make their way out of sight. But not before I lay this quick sketch down with Graphitints pencils, which I dearly love for soft winter scenes. On a later walk (or should I say "plunge" through the snowdrifts in the yard, my dog and I discover the large melted body-shaped areas under the Globe willow where deer had slept last night. While my dog inhaled deeply the deer scent, I marveled at the thought of them sleeping under my tree as I dreamed, as the snow encircled all of us.


  1. It looks SO cold...what a wonderful image, both your sketch and your words...


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