Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Snow Moon 2.28.10

Full Snow Moon 2.28.10
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It was cloudy most of the day but luckily the sky cleared for a great view of the full moon.

The Farmers Almanac says that February's full moon is called the Full Snow Moon and Eastern Native American tribes also called it Full Hunger Moon.

February holds the record for snow fall. It certainly lived up to that this year.... plus some!!

This is the May River in Bluffton. It was around 40 degrees and we had a west wind that made it quite cold while sitting on the dock painting this.


  1. Beautiful Pam! I was wondering when the full moon sketches are going to start coming in! Our full moon has been rather uninteresting in the way that it's been bright, cloudless nights with this huge, bright white ball against an almost equally bright back-ground - doesn't make for an interesting palette, and I never managed to catch it rising, which might have been a bit more interesting.

  2. Wonderful moonlight reflections on the water! Like that you added the two towers!


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