Monday, February 1, 2010

Blue Sentinels - Lin Frye

Blue Sentinels
Originally uploaded by linfrye

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

Oh yes, I am enjoying the snow --! And with the cold we're having, I'm enjoying the ice too (but less so!). The college is closed today as are most of the schools in the area. There just was not sufficient ice melt yesterday to render the roads safe.

We had a 'warmish' afternoon yesterday - enough to make our way to the garage and unearth the snow shovel and scrape the porches and steps. Our neighbor came by with his huge tractor and plow and graciously cleared our driveway (it's a mighty long one! LOL) and then went down the road to clear enough of it so that a car could get to the secondary road. We live 15 miles from a major roadway, so being able to get anywhere really does require the help of our friends.

We walked about the property taking more photos. This was the first 'siginficant' snow in a few years (other than an inch or so) - so it really was a major event for us.

I was having a hard time painting yesterday - distracted probably - or too busy gazing out of the windows! LOL But these cluster of trees caught in the early morning snowfall the other day really helped me focus. I painted these same trees several years ago during a snowfall ( only that view was from the daytime. I tried in vain to capture the moonlight through the trees last evening - but my 'snap and go' camera just couldn't 'see' such subtlety.

It's supposed to rain today and if it does, the snow will certainly be gone so I'm going to enjoy it while it's around. However, there's another 'chance' of the white stuff next weekend ... Woooo WHooo ...

Stay safe!

Lin Frye

North Carolina


  1. Trees do have that sentient feeling so often, don't they? I always feel like they're wise silent creatures watching us.

    Great drawing with a brilliant title.

  2. Beautiful, serene image. There's something almost spiritual about trees.


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