Friday, December 4, 2009

The Virginia Zoo 22 Nov 09 - 28 Nov 09

I had the opportunity to visit the Zoo while in Norfolk to work family matters. The new area called "Trail of the Tiger" or "Tiger Trail" is proceeding nicely. It will open sometime next year or early 2011. It will be oriented toward Asian animals.

I went around and discovered that the lions had four cubs and that there is a baby giraffe in the community. Unfortunately I didn't draw either. You can see a couple of ovals on the lion page where I started. He moved out of sight. The baby giraffe was hard to see with all the humans clambering for a photo.

They have also created a new area called "Australia" with about ten or eleven kangaroos and one emu. Watching the adult kangaroos fighting was interesting. They get back on their tail and kick with the feet.

I finished off a couple of spreads and started some new ones in my Moleskinne. I have added color to some of the postings. To see some others not posted check out my blog. I have posted the African lion, Red Panda, Hyrax, African Elephant, and Meerkats.

Fred Crowley


  1. Good to see your new work, Fred! I love meerkats, they always seem to be saying "HEY! Look at THAT!!" Your colors and compositions are always pleasing, and those quick sketches really nail the essence...

  2. Your animal sketches are amazing, Fred! Beautiful!

  3. BEautful work!!! I love your animals


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