Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tueday Morning Fog - Lin Frye

Tueday Morning Fog
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Daily Practice

This is my view this week as I step out of my home and into the dense, grey fog. A few trees show bits of sienna-tawny leaf remains, the ornamental grasses, heavy with dew and/or rain, show thick in the scant early light, and my woodlands, those bits that can been seen in the early morning, show bits of green and blue. Monday's fog was so dense that I was tempted to upload a grey sheet of paper ! I could hardly make my way through it enough to see the road!

We're promised a bit of sun today, though colder temperatures. I'm hungering for color and brightness - and since the conference is now over, perhaps I can find a bit of time to visit the flower shop. The college is on 'optional' work days this week, holiday time next, and additional 'optional' time before New Year's. I've opted to take the time and catch up on some house organizing and resting. These last few months have been pretty demanding, and our spring obligations are a bit more so. And though I'm home, I'm missing our greenhouses - the warmth, the color, the scent of growing things. I think it's time to start the holiday baking ...if I can't have flowers, let me have cookies! LOL

More errands to run today ... and my fingers are crossed the weather predictions are right. I'd love to see El Sol!

Take care.

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. A beautiful scene in spite of the weather. Your weather sounds very British. We've had fog this week too.

  2. Fantastic, Lin. I feel the dampness in the air!


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