Friday, December 18, 2009

Sunrise over the Old Barn - Lin Frye

Sunrise over the Old Barn
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Daily Practice

THE SUN!!! THE SUN! As I sat at my computer the other morning, I was thrilled to see the inky tones of the sky begin to change. Sipping my coffee, I watched the darkness lighten, minute by minute, into streaks of ultramarine, turquoise, red, pink, orange, yellow -- until finally, El Sol made his longed-for appearance over my woodlands. I stood in front of my window in jaw-dropped awe as that brilliant light made the world golden once more. It was a Hallelujah moment!

Short lived, I'm afraid. We're expecting several days of rain with the chance of snow and ice accumulation. OK, if it's going to be grey, LET IT SNOW! LOL

I simply HAD to paint the sunrise, but instead of paining my woodlands yet again, I added the sunrise to one of the old barns C discovered last week. There's been a lot of property clearing in the neighborhood, and this structure was revealed after one such cleaning. I too removed much of undergrowth and fallen trees that surrounded the barn and brought the two events together in this painting.

Plans have changed for my family this weekend, and so I'm thinking it's time to begin my own 'cleaning and organizing.' There's much to find new homes for - books, craft supplies, etc. and even more to straighten out ...I think I'll need some more coffee for fortification!

Stay warm!

Lin Frye
North Carolina

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