Thursday, December 3, 2009

Storm's Arrival - Lin Frye

Storm's Arrival
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Daily Practice

The storm arrived early yesterday, and after I had arrived at my friend's home, the heavy rain torrents, winds, and tornado warnings all pelted the trees, homes, cars, and whomever was in its way. At home, we had a power outage and today we're threatened by area flooding.

I sat at my friend's table and painted what I heard but couldn't see .... she too lives in a grove of trees, and I was ever grateful for arriving just a few minutes before the worst of the storm. This painting is based partly on a photo reference of storms we've experienced at the Arboretum and my imagination.

I saw a full moon this morning as I drove in, so today's weather should be a bit better. It'll be a late night with meetings and a long drive home. My son returns for his second surgery next week, so again another busy time.

I hope you all stay safe and dry ....!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Lovely storm interrpretation, both capturing their power/darkness and their ethereal quality. I've always been a fan of the wind, and storms bring energy and mystery with them.

  2. Wow this is really wonderful! The painting not the storm

  3. Thank you so much .... The storm was indeed fierece. My husband said we lost power 3 times, there was flooding in some areas this morning,and the wind was terrifying ....

  4. Lin, This is a stunning interpretation!

  5. Wonderful! A very powerful painting Lin!

  6. Incredible, Miss Lin. The colors, the impressionistic handling, jut glorious!


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