Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Old Tree - Lin Frye

The Old Tree
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Daily Practice

We've enjoyed the bright sunshine this week, but its warmth has not been able to penetrate the mighty cold that covers us in morning and evening ice crystals. The kitties huddle in their basket overnight, warmed a bit by two heat lamps that send a glow across the porch through the deepest part of the night. Though we know the days are growing shorter, somehow the darkness seems LONGER before the sun rises again.

This old craggy tree sits on my neighbors' property about 500 feet from the road. Its age shows in the twists and turns of the branches and must have been on the property when it was first farmed. When I drive home from town, I pass it, as it stands out among the tawny, cold grasses, spurring memories of a way of life now passed.

I went to see the grands yesterday, and caught up with their photo albums for this year. It took hours to choose photos for each grandchild, fix the contrast, resize, and then print them all. Then place them in individual albums and write a bit about their story. It's a project of love that I couldn't get to at all this year .. so catching up on FOUR albums was a milestone -- yahoo! Now, back to the bookcases!

The year is winding down and each evening the news channels cover highlights of the last year as well as this decade. As I watch each momentus aspect, I think of the changes we've seen and the passing of time. These last days of 2009 make me remember, put on another pot for hot tea, and offer thanksgiving for all our blessings ...

It's supposed to grow even colder later this week .. stay warm and safe....

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Beautiful winter tree Lin! Hard to believe that they will EVER be covered in green again after all that icy exposure!


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