Sunday, December 13, 2009

Iris - Maree Clarkson

You are not quite in control of nature; you are part of nature. It doesn't mean that you are helpless, either. It means that the whole question in art is to be wide awake, to be as attentive as possible, for the artist and for the person who looks at it or listens to it.

- Fairfield Porter

"Iris Blue" in Visual 140gsm sketch pad

I had these Irises in my previous garden, and besides the blue, there was a Beige-coloured one, not too spectacular from a distance, but upon closer inspection turned out to be absolutely stunning with tinges of burgundy-brown on the inside and fringing the edges. I'm sorry now that I didn't capture them as well.


  1. Lovely sketch and shades. I think Iris are so much fun to many curves and layers.

  2. Thanks Vickie. I find them extremely confusing to sketch - so many curves and layers! I have to be really in the mood to tackle one of them.


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