Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays: Judy Butler, Tags for Holiday Gifts

During some years I have make little tags, doodles really, in my Moleskine journals to turn into tags on presents. This year I was inspired by a beautiful basket of Poinsettias in our den and memories of the rabbits frolicking in the yard all summer. I wonder where the bunnies are now? Thought it would be funny if they were in the brush pile with comforters around their necks. Ho, Ho, Ho.

Much thoughts of our art virtual community during this holiday season and how wonderful it is to have in my life this international community with a passion for Sketching In Nature. Judy

Feel free to use on your packages. and cards. Water color, pens, and felt markers. See Flicker for more:


  1. Thank you so much. I am feeling better and hope to post some other drawings soon. Sorry I have been so long absent. I am so enjoying the holidays with my family and especially my grand son. I hope you are having a wonder season. Judy

  2. So good to see you enjoying this festive season!!

  3. Great idea! I love your image here. Happy Holidays!!


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