Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Season at the Huntington

For our Christmas gift this year my girlfriend took myself and another friend to high tea that the Huntington Gardens. It is amazingly beautiful at all times of the year, but today the ginkos were a blaze with color. We were limited to our time to draw and paint since we had reservations and our other friend had never been. She was so excited and wanted to see as much as she could. In the Japanese Bonsai gardens, across from the zen area we took a minute to capture the gold raining from the trees. I posted many pictures on Facebook so look for them and feel free to use any for paintings. I wanted to tell Teri that I have tons of cactus pictures! LOL


  1. Hi

    Bravo for your beautifull works and ideas
    Have a good way in the future

    Sorry for my english, I'm not sure of it.
    Friendly, from France,


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