Monday, December 28, 2009

Butterflies & a Moth - Laura Gillis

I hope everyone had a wonderful, warm and safe holiday. We had a blizzard that hit us on Christmas Eve so I had three days where I couldn't get out of the house or the driveway.... that gave me some extra time to sketch some more in the bug book. This is a Hackberry Emperor butterfly.

The American Snout kind of cracks me up.... I wonder if they couldn't come up with a more polite name. Thankfully, butterflies don't seem to have body image issues. ha!

This is another Owlet Moth. I have done one of these before but it was much smaller than this one and didn't have the fine hairs sticking out on the sides. These look like tree bark when they sit still.

All are ink and watercolor in the Moleskine Watercolor Journal


  1. The moths are beautiful Laura. Especially like the Owlet. Hope you had a wonderful and safe festive season as well.

  2. Wonderful job on these guys, Laura! I've seen them all around here, too! (Midwest)

  3. Beautiful job!! I love sketching these, too :-))


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