Sunday, December 6, 2009

Aloe by Jane LaFazio

I painted this during a workshop I was teaching. The stool I was sitting on kept sinking in the dirt, and I'd forgotten a paper towel to clean my palette and dab my brush, and my students were needing attention! However, I like the half-finished mystery of the blooming aloe. (The chop is Chinese and means Plain Jane)


  1. Lovely. I don't think I've seen an aloe bloom. The looseness and unfinished effect gives the viewer room to play. Love the chop and meaning!

  2. This sketch is utterly adoring Jane. I have also sketched my Aloes when they're in bloom, I have Aloe ferox, absolutely beautiful when it flowers. Some usesless information - our Aloes flower during our Winter period here in South Africa, and their internal clock makes them flower in France during their summer, when it's winter here. Interesting...

  3. This is wonderful, Jane! And oh, yes, I've been THERE...I was sketching in a marsh and didn't realize the stool legs were sinking till I landed on my backside in the mud!

    Your chop adds a lot, too...I've been paying with mine again, a friend had one made for me...


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