Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - Sunset - Lin Frye

2009 - Sunset
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Daily Practice

The last day of 2009 --- sunset on a challenging and most difficult year for so many people - our family included. I'd like to think of the year as a river - wonderful areas of growth and joy, areas of turbulence and challenge, and yet on the last day, bid it a beautiful sunset as we sail forth toward 2010.

This painting was done from a photograph by Aquagloria ( a member of a new group ASPR (Artists Sharing Photo References This group shares various photos for other artists to use in their artwork .... thank you, Aquagloria --- and thank you, Janis, for starting the group. I thought the image fitting for the last day of the year.

May today be a day of reflection - of looking back as well as looking forward. I LOVE the last day tradition I read so long ago in my anthropology studies of how some cultures would thoroughly clean their homes and each member of the community place a coal from their fires into one large commual fire.....On New Year's Day, coals from THAT fire would be shared with one another to begin the new year - each member participating in the ending -- and the beginning -- of the new year.

In my mind, each of you have contributed your 'coal' to the communal fire of blogland --and each of us have grown and benefitted by this sharing. I sincerely thank YOU for that ... and so let us continue through 2010 to contribute our 'coals,' take from the fire, and continue to keep the communal AND home fires burning.

Goodbye 2009 -- Welcome 2010 -- May it be a joyous, prosperous, creative, love- and peace-filled year for all of us ...!

We're keeping warm, indeed! Thank you for keeping our -- and my -- 'fires' burning!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. A beautiful post and a beautiful sunset Lin. A very fitting way to end this year and I wish you a 2010 filled with only your best dreams.

  2. Thank you, Lin, a beautiful, thought-provoking post...


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