Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Swamp-Lily, A Last Hurrah - Pam Johnson Brickell

Last week my friend, Kate, called to say she saw a flower off in the woods and thought it was something special. It sure was! A Swamp-Lily! Also known as String-Lily, Crinum americanum L.

A few days later, I was able to go take a look at it. The weather was threatening but, I did manage to make an ink sketch of it in my journal.  Then it started to sprinkle so I took a photograph, and off the the shelter of my car I went!  I painted the ink drawing from my reference photo.

I was a bit dismayed, as I didn't leave much room for the flower names......... ah well.

I call this 'A Last Hurrah' as the lily's bloom time is from June to October.  I saw quite a few plants around the area, but all had long since bloomed.  It's in the amaryllis family. A real beauty and uncommon in SC, though it can be found in the southern coastal area of the state.  That's us :)


  1. Wow Pam! Your depiction of the Lily is gorgeous! You've captured those curling leaves beautifully! From the name I gather they like boggy and wet conditions?

  2. Very delicate handling of this delicate plant and beautiful colors. Sorry the rain chased you away. Are they also called spider lilies?

  3. Thank you, Maree! Yes, this lovely prefers swamps, marshes and stream margins.

    Thanks, Rhonda! My guide book states they are 'erroneously call Spider-Lily' but, the true spider-lilies are from the genus Hymenocallis.

  4. It's beautiful, Pam! I don't think I've ever seen one...and you managed to get all the information in there!

  5. A lovely page, Pam! The variety both in background and detail makes it so lively.


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