Sunday, November 1, 2009

MY MAPLES - Lin Frye

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Daily Practice

We've had quite a number of rainy days, and the trees, though still vibrant in color, are quickly shedding. These maples brighten a corner of my property ... adding their orange/red glow to the vibrant golds of the hickories and deep greens of the pine. Their color cheers me, and I love seeing them this time of year at their glory. They herald the end of the year's work as they move toward their winter rest.

We changed our clocks back an hour last night - a bit more rest but an early evening dark. In the words of Hal Borland:

"Time has its own dimensions, and neither the sun nor the clock can encompass them all. All we can do with the astronomical absolutes of time is note them, divide them as we please, and live by them in our daily routines. Beyond that, our own emotions, our hopes and fears, our worry and our relief, shape not only our days but our hours with only casal regard for absolute or arbitrary time. The busy day can be brief, the suspenseful hour endless....Time is all around us, the time of the hills, the time of the tides, the lifetime of a man or a tree or an insect....We participate in time...but when we change the clocks we aren't changing time at all. We are playing with figures on a dial that denotes but cannot alter the flow of forever."

MIKE IS COMING HOME TODAY!!! He was able to tolerate REAL FOOD, and so today he comes home to finish his recuperation. He'll have to take it easy as his surgery heals, but to be able to come home after such an ordeal is a gift indeed! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your thoughts and prayers! They have buoyed us through .....!

Lin Frye
North Carolina

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  1. That's fantastic news that Mike is going home ... wish him a speedy recovery. And just LOVE your rendition of the Maples Lin!


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