Thursday, November 5, 2009

Last of Fall's Gold - Lin Frye

Last of Fall's Gold
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Daily Practice

Traveling almost two hours south reminds me again of the importance of various climate zones. The small difference of 100 miles and half a temperature zone, in addition to recent warm days and bright sun, finds pockets still of golden leaves and yellow fields. While I've used a bit of 'artistic license' to enhance the golds in this work, nonetheless, there are still fall displays nearby that have not yet succummed to our recent winds and cold.

Our first freeze is expected later this week, and I suspect that more and more scenes like this will be duller by next week. But the momentary glimpse of the season's splendor was certainly a delight!

Mike is making good progress, and though the four hours of driving to and from home each day to work is tiring, seing his progress, helping with his health care, are all more than rewarding. Again, thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts.

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Very gorgeous Lin! LOVE the different yellows...

  2. Beautiful image of a day in fall. So glad you captured it and were able to share it. Continued prayers for your family.


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