Monday, November 2, 2009

Hunter's Moon - Pam Johnson Brickell

I was hoping for a clear sky this evening, but not. The Hunter's Moon did peak out at one point, but not enough to light up my view of the Okatie River.  Still, a beauty of an evening :)

My favorite star gazing web site says:
The Hunter's Moon highlights the sky tonight. In most years the Harvest Moon comes in September, with the Hunter's Moon in October. But this year October's full Moon was closer to the fall equinox, so both the Harvest and Hunter's moons were pushed back a month.


  1. Great sketch, very moody. Not bad considering you didn't get the advantage of the Hunter's moon!

  2. Love the moon Pam! I don't think we do Hunter's Moon here in S.A. - Wikipedia says that the full moons of Sept, Oct and Nov in the Northern Hemisphere corresponds with the full moons of March, Apr and May in the Southern Hemisphere - wonder if the hunter's here would then hunt in those months? (lol)

  3. LOVELY, Pam. We sat out on the deck last night, I was too lazy to go get my journal and try to capture that bright silver light...

  4. Thanks Lisa, Maree & Kate! I'm trying collect a year's worth of full moons :)


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