Monday, November 30, 2009

Cactus Monday - Our Personal Saguaro - Teri Casper

I decided it was time to do a sketch of the Saguaro in front of our house. When we moved here there were no arms on this Saguaro and now we have 9 or 10 in various stages of growth.
No one knows why a Saguaro grows arms but it is said they need to be about 75 years old and since ours is about 25 feet tall (that is about 75 years, it was due.

Notice how the ribs split as it grows and widens.
Okay, my biggest fear is that someday it will fall on the house. We had a cactus expert look at it and he said there is a 50-50% chance it will fall. That was helpful.
We don't really want to cut it down as they are so precious so I won't worry........

Happy Cactus Monday everyone!

For some reason this did not want to scan well. Sorry. 


  1. Wonderful, Teri! I bet the arms will add balance so it won't fall :)

  2. Love this one Teri! It's always sad when something like a tree or cactus threatens to fall over - here in S.A. we have a similar species, and when it falls over, it puts down roots and sprouts new up-rights - does yours do the same?

  3. No Maree, when this falls it dries up and dies. But after all these years of blooming and putting out fruit and seeds there are lots of little ones around.

    This cactus' roots are as wide as it is tall. That really amazes me.


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