Monday, October 26, 2009

Wine Colored Maple Leaves - Lin Frye

Wine Colored Maple Leaves
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Daily Practice

The cold weather we've been having, the recent rains, and the planet's turning have all contributed to the incredible fall display I see. I am bedazzled with the range of colors, the varieties within one single leaf, the array of different barks against a kaleidoscope of colors! In my forrays to the hospital and back to home, leaves swirl around my moving car, crunch under foot, pile in windrows. Rainy days bring out their hues even more vividly - but when the sun peeks from behind clouds, the colors set against a Carolina blue sky are enough to make one catch a breath!

These maple leaves were in the hospital parking lot. I love their wine-color - reminding me of a glass of burgundy. The curled edges, paler against the front, were such a nice contrast to paint and draw.

Painting has been such a good stress reliever for me. Sitting in Mike's room with pencil or brush in hand, the room windowless and dark, listening to the sound of the IV pump and his breathing, brings on a quietness to the mind, a quieting of worry, a softness to the tension. Oftentimes, Mike will sleep while I sit there, gaining the rest his body needs for healing. Meantime, pictures form on pages, and time passes in a way that makes me lose track of the hours and the days.

Today, another CT scan and visit by the surgeon. More decisions, more tests. So far, he's holding his own and improving. Thank you, truly and wholeheartedly, for your thoughts and prayers.

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. These Maple leaves are so typical of this gorgeous season, lovely and inspiring colours Lin.

  2. I've always found that making art helps calm me, as well--I'm so glad you have that discipline. Many thoughts and prayers coming your way...

  3. Beautiful leaves Lin. I am really looking forward to seeing all of the autumn and winter nature scenes from the Northern Hemisphere. Making art can take your mind into another world sometimes.

  4. Lovely leaves - I tend to disregard the wine-colored leaves in favor of the more flashy gold, yellow, brilliant red, but you've made me see them in a different light. I do hope the exams and hospital visit turn out well with good news.


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