Sunday, October 18, 2009

Roadsides Turning - Lin Frye

Roadsides Turning
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Daily Practice

The tour of the zoo yesterday was fascianting! Our students were priviledged to the 'behind the scenes' operation of the NC Zoo ( an incredible, first-class establishment that sets animals in native habitat. We walked and walked and walked over the grounds, learning how the landscape designs were created, the plants and their upkeep, the staff and their education, their propagation and restoration methods, oh yes, and a bit about the animals too. Not only was the trip exceedingly informative, it was FUN, and provided our own horticulture students with an opportunity to think beyond of the typical employment opportunities.

To say we were a bit 'chilled' yesterday morning would be an understatement. The day did warm up, but when we arrived, ALL of us, including those who claim to be 'warm-natured' were wishing for heavier coats. The weather is indeed turning .... Yes, we'll get another visit or two by summer's breath, but those will be short-lived and fleeting. We're expecting our first frost next week.

Which leads me to painting. I revisited the roadside I painted earlier this month. Those bright yellow rudbeckias have turned more golden-brown, and the trees, a brilliant yellow, now moving to red. Our foliage display, with the current rains and cold, is moving toward its own climax ... and it's wondrous to behold.

It wouldn't be fall without the state fair, and our students will be visiting the fair this Monday to see additional horticulural displays. Landscape design, plant choices are all part of this next visit, along with seeing the blue-ribbon winners of specific plants to emphasize plant production and care.

It's a busy, but really wonderful time of the year. Hmm... do I smell fair popcorn and candy apples?

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Nice, Lin. We are cold here too. 61 degrees with a north wind!!!! Our trees are making a hit to turn, but nothing like your local color. Still, autumn appearances seem early this year.

  2. Thanks so much, Pam .... I couldn't agree more -- normally the peak of our colors doesn't happen until Thanksgiving ... and BRR it's cold -- and yet we're supposed to get to 70 next week!


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